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Swedish Artist Emillie de Blanche talks about her work and the art scene in Stockholm.

Dutch Artist Deimion van der Sloot talks about his work and living in Amsterdam.

Slovak artist Katarina Balunova talks about her focus on urban-ism and architecture.

Dutch artist Lisette Schumacher talks about her work and the art scene in Rotterdam.

Artist Sali Muller shares about what it's like being an artist in Luxembourg and the approach towards her artistic practice

Finnish artist Sanna Maria Paananen talks about her work and collaboration with Tero Ulvila

British artist Max Gimson talks a bit about his work and living in Brighton

In this short interview Swiss artist Patric Sandri talks about his work and the art scene in Zurich

In this interview Hungarian artist Patricia Jagicza gives an insider look into her artistic practice and how she views her work.

photo credit Piotr Perzyna

In this short interview Polish artist Jerzy Goliszewski talks about his interest in antiheroes and how it is reflected in his work.

The digital age has brought a considerable transformation to many aspects of everyday life and business, however the gallery system seems to be left more or less intact

Artist Judit Navratil talks about her art and moving to California

He Xiangyu’s art practice could be seen as a proving ground or a laboratory of materials and concepts, in which he investigates and engages with a variety of personal, social and political subjects.

Fascinated by Origami, the emerging artist, who is know for his installation made out of everyday material from 1-euro (100-yen) shops.

Boris Kostadinov

Boris Kostadinov is an independent art critic and curator, he lives and works in an international context between Vienna and Sofia.

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